How can waste oil become to diesel?

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waste oil to diesel
Waste oil to diesel distillation plant

Increase in energy demand, stringent emission norms and depletion of oil resources have led the researchers to find alternative fuels for internal combustion engines. On the other hand waste oils pose a very serious environment challenge because of their disposal problems all over the world. In this context, waste oils are currently receiving renewed interest.Many people not know waste oil to diesel distillation plant can distillation waste oil to diesel .And how can waste oil to diesel?

waste oil become to diesel working process
Waste oil to diesel oil working process


1. Pump waste oil into distillation reactor by oil pump.
2. Heat the reactor, and the liquid oil will slowly become oil gas, oil gas will go through catalytic chamber and condenser, then diesel will be cooled out first by controlling the temperature over 150 Celsius degrees.
3.The gasoline will be cooled out when the temperature is below 150 Celsius degrees, the rest of the system is same as pyrolysis system.

diesel fuel application
Diese fuel application

The diesel fuel obtained can be widely used in more kinds of diesel engines and will produce less smoke and less noise than regular diesel fuel. In addition to producing products that have high economic values, our waste engine oil to diesel machine also have the features of safe, energy saving and environment friendly.

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