Pyro=heat.Lysis=break down.Pyrolysis is a thermo-chemical reaction,which involves molecular breakdown of larger molecules into smaller molecules in presence of heat.

Raw material

The raw materials that can be processed by  pyrolysis plant are used tires, used rubber, and waste plastics.

Working principle

Pyrolysis plant is the machine for cracking different raw materials, and finally get different products, the raw materials are different, then the products obtained will be different.

pyrolysis plant
DOING waste tire/plastic pyrolysis plant

In summary, the pyrolysis plant uses the raw materials waste tires and plastics to carry out pyrolysis chemical reaction. The products obtained from the plastics are plastic fuel oil and carbon black; the products obtained from the tires are tire fuel oil, carbon black and steel wire. The whole process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. The arrival of pyrolysis plant has truly turned waste tires into money.

So what are the classification of pyrolysis plant? Pyrolysis plant can be classified according to the processing of raw materials, their function and operation.

A.According to the processing of raw material pyrolysis plant can be divided into waste plastic pyrolysis plant, waste tire pyrolysis plant, waste sludge pyrolysis plant. This division of the pyrolysis plant , is only for the customer main purpose to buy our pyrolysis plant, in fact, as mentioned above, our pyrolysis plant can be used to deal with different substances at the same time, to achieve the purpose of one equipment with multi-usages.

B.According to the action, the pyrolysis plant can be roughly divided into several types: fluid conveying equipment, heating equipment, heat exchange equipment, mass transfer equipment, reaction equipment and storage equipment.

C.According to the machine
operation mode,it is divided into batch, and continuous pyrolysis plant.

pyrolysis plant
2 type pyrolysis plant
Batch pyrolysis plant features:

1. Simple structure, multi-purpose for one machine;
2, Flexible operation, strong adaptability, self-control is not strict.
3. Labor intensity is high. The single machine has a small amount of processing and a large amount of energy consumption. Intermittent pyrolysis plant includes: pyrolysis pots (for alkali refining and hydration), decolorizing pots, deodorizing pots, and the like. It is economical for small and medium-sized oil plants to use intermittent equipment for the treatment of oils below 20T.
Continuous pyrolysis plant features:

1. Accurate calculation system to ensure full cracking and high oil yield.
2. Unique slagging system, carbon black steel wire is automatically separated.
3. Continuous feeding, continuous discharging, saving time and effort.
4. Fully automatic, PLC control, saving manpower.
5. Unique sealing feeding and slagging system to ensure safety and environmental protection.

pyrolysis plant
DOING pyrolysis plant inculding device
The pyrolysis plant consists of a reaction kettle, a buffer tank, a cooling system, an oil and gas separator, a water separator, a dust removal device, a deodorization device, and a vacuum device (safety device). If you have higher requirements for the fuel available and want to further purify it, we also offer fuel refining equipment.

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