What kind of waste tire pyrolysis plant is legal?

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old pyrolysis plant
Old waste tire pyrolysis plant

“Old pyrolysis plant” is illegal. " Old pyrolysis plant " is the use of purchased scrap oil, used tires and other materials, after simple cooking or other means of "pyrolysis", which not only seriously disrupts market order, seriously pollutes the atmosphere, and because of its equipment working process is simple, final products are crude, free from supervision, there are major security risks, which seriously threaten the public's life and property safety. We will resolutely ban illegal production and management activities of unlicensed enterprises, thoroughly investigate and deal with the problem of over-range operations of licensed enterprises, and crack down on illegal activities.

DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant
DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant

Environmentally friendly waste tire pyrolysis plant is legal. First of all, you have to go through the business procedures, then you need to buy waste tire pyrolysis plant from regular manufacturers, and finally to confirm the environmental problems of waste tire pyrolysis plant.Henan DOING company specializing in the production of waste tires pyrolysis plant, SGS CE IS certified manufacturers.

waste tire pyrolysis plant final products
DOING waste tire pyrolysis plant final products

Henan DOING company waste tire pyrolysis plant can be obtained the following products: 45% -50% fuel oil, 10% -15% steel, 30% -35% carbon, 8% to 10% combustible gas. DOING's waste tire pyrolysis plant is environmentally friendly, safe, and has good after-sales service and guarantee.

Whether the waste tire pyrolysis plant is to pollute the environment is mainly depand on the environmental performance.The environmental protection of Henan DOING company waste tire pyrolysis plant is as follows: the treatment of three wastes in the production process.

waste tire pyrolysis plant exhaust gas

1. Exhaust gas.
The waste tire pyrolysis plant is fully burned by two safety device water seals and gas nozzles, which not only eliminates exhaust gas pollution, but also saves a large amount of fuel; the water dust is used for dust emission, and the smoke emission can reach the international air pollutant discharge standard.

2. Waste liquid.
In the process of waste tire pyrolysis plant, some weakly acidic wastewater will be produced during processing (approximately 50 kg of wastewater will be produced per ton of oil produced, which is small and easy to handle). After neutralization by adding weak lye, the neutral wastewater is filtered through three stages to achieve harmlessness, and then discharged to a dedicated evaporation processor (the heat source of which uses the flue heat of the main processor) to evaporate.

waste tire pyrolysis plant

3. Waste solids.

After the waste tires are catalytically thermally cracked by the waste tire pyrolysis plant, there will be some solid residue, which accounts for about 5% to 10% of the weight of the waste tire. Its main component is crude carbon black. It can be used as a raw material for the production of industrial carbon black, or as a raw material for the manufacture of fly ash bricks (an environmentally friendly building material) by mixing with fly ash from coal-fired power plants.

Therefore, investing in our waste tire pyrolysis plant is completely accessible through formal channels, and can be legally and stablely operated.

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