How to get profit from scrap tyre pyrolysis plant?

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Usual, every customer will ask us the same question before they start their scrap tyre pyrolysis plant project - Can the scrap tyre pyrolysis plant make profits? The answer definitely is Yes! Then how to get profit from scrap tyre pyrolysis plant? The following I will firstly show you a detail profit analysis which is a feedback from our client.

Profit obtained from scrap tyre pyrolysis plant

Profit analysis (Reference to 12TPD waste tyre pyrolysis machine)
Running cost/day
Waste tires 12T*USD42.5/T=USD510
Heating fuel(Coal) 0.48T*USD70/T=USD33.6
Power consumption 244kwh*USD0.26=USD63.44
Water consumption Water is for circulating use, no consumption
Required workers 4*USD15=USD60
Total cost USD667.04
Fuel oil 5.4T*USD960=USD5,184
Carbon black 4.2T*USD20/T=USD60
Steel wire 1.8T*USD350/T=USD630
Daily profits USD5874 - USD667.04=USD5206.96

Through this form, you can see that the daily profits of a 12TPD scrap tyre pyrolysis plant is USD5206.96. Now, I believe you have have a general understanding how to get profit from scrap tyre pyrolysis plant? That is right. The profit mainly from the final products.

Profit mainly from the final products

tyre pyrolysis plantThe final products from scrap tyre pyrolysis plant

Scrap tyre pyrolysis plant is a kind of environmental-friendly machine which adopts pyrolysis technology to get pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire from scrap tyres. So we mainly get the benefit primarily from these final products. These final products have a wide range of uses in life, so they fetch a good price in the market and all of them can make profits for you.

Use value of final product from scrap tyre pyrolysis plant

scrap tyre pyrolysis plantApplications of pyrolysis oil and carbon black

1. Pyrolysis oil

The major product of scrap tyre pyrolysis plant, which output can reach to 45%. It not only can be applied to heavy machinery, boiler heating, cement factory, steel factory, etc, but also can be refined to light diesel by the waste oil distillation machine which quality are higher and more widely used.

2. Carbon black

Carbon black is the second product of the scrap tyre pyrolysis plant. It can be widely used in our daily life, such as be made as shoe sole, rubber runway, new tire and the highway. And it also can be pressed into carbon black pellet as fuel which is almost equal to coal and charcoal.

3. Steel wire

The steel wire is contained in the waste tire, it will not change in the scrap tyre pyrolysis process, after the complete end of the pyrolysis process, it will be discharged from the pyrolysis reactor. This collected steel wire can be sold to the recycle station or steel mill for remelting.

Of course, the profits would be affected by your local situation and your scrap tyre pyrolysis plant capacity, but I believe the profits will still be appreciable. For more information about this profitable project, welcome to contact us now!


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