How to avoid waste tire pyrolysis pollution environment?

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The pollution of waste tire pyrolysis mainly comes from flue gas emission, exhaust gas pollution from non-condensable gas and dust pollution from carbon black collection. These products will pollute the environment if they are discharged directly. So how to avoid waste tire pyrolysis pollution environment?

tire pyrolysis plantEnvironmentally friendly waste tire pyrolysis plant

As an experienced machinery manufacturer, Henan DOING has combined environmental protection with customer requirements. The following measures have been taken to avoid the pollution of tire pyrolysis on the environment:

1. Prevention and control of flue gas pollution

For flue gas pollution, Henan DOING’waste tire pyrolysis plant equipped with desulfurization and dust removal tower. We know the sulfur dioxide is contained in the flue gas during tire pyrolysis. The pollution prevention and control measures are as follows: the absorption tower is filled with a good absorber, and reaction start with spray circulating water at the top of tower which will form small thin water film, so that we can increase gas contact surface area with calcium hydroxide. Then absorbent of circulating water and flue gas countercurrent contact can remove sulfur dioxide in flue gas to achieve environmental standards in the final discharge.

tire pyrolysis plantDesulfurization and dust removal tower

2. Prevention and control of non-condensable gas pollution

For the non-condensable gas generated during the tire pyrolysis process, Henan DOING's waste tire pyrolysis plant equipped with an non-condensable gas purification system, which can remove H2S components. The non-condensing gas purification system adopts the two-stage alkaline washing and alkaline water sealing device to absorb desulfurization. The non-condensing gas enters the purification tower, and the top of the tower is sprayed with liquid to make the gas react, thus achieving the purpose of desulfurization. After the non-condensing gas passes through the secondary absorption purification tower, it enters the lye water sealing device to further absorb H2S and prevent combustion chamber tempering. According to feedback from users installed in DOING, the overall desulfurization efficiency of the system is above 85%, and after treatment, it can meet environmental emission standards.

waste tire pyrolysis plantNon-condensable gas purification system

3. Prevention and control of dust pollution

For dust pollution, Henan DOING's waste tire pyrolysis plant equipped with carbon black discharge device - wind conveying system which is through sealed underground pipelines carry carbon black powder carbon black with wind to staging in airtight collection storehouse. The whole process is carried out under the condition of fully enclosed which can avoid the carbon black powder leakage and ensure workshop dust-free environment protection effect.

waste tire pyrolysis plantCarbon black discharge device - wind conveying system

The above is the main prevention and control measures of Henan DOING on the pollution of tire pyrolysis, so if you want to do waste tire pyrolysis business, don't worry about the pollution of tire pyrolysis. DOING company's environment-friendly waste tire pyrolysis plant can achieve environmental protection requirements. Please contact us to order.


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