Conversion process of waste plastic to fuel

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Convert waste plastic to fuel can solve the environmental pollution caused by waste plastics, not only bring social and economic benefits, but also for waste recycling treatment provides a new solution. Conversion process of waste plastic to fuel is mainly reflected in the working process of waste plastic to fuel machine.

waste plastic to fuel machineConvert waste plastic to fuel

The use of plastics is increasing day by day. The wide use of plastic products has brought people a lot of convenience, but also brought a lot of problems. Waste plastics can be seen everywhere in our daily life, such as in parks, stations, cinemas, scenic spots and highways and railways, etc. Reasonable recycling of waste plastics is a common concern.

plastic to fuel Waste plastic to fuel machine

The conversion process of waste plastic to fuel machine that is produced by DOING company is as follows:

1. Push waste plastics into the reactor of waste plastics to fuel machine through automatic feeding machine. According to the moisture content of plastics, it can be divided into two ways: 1. wet plastic, need to feed side heating to remove water in waste plastic;

2. Heating the waste plastics in the reactor, and oil gas will be generated after heating for about 1 hour;

3. Cooling. Through a cooling system, oil gas is condensed into liquid oil.

4. Recycling tail gas. In the process of heating waste plastics to make oil, besides oil gas, some combustible but non-condensable gas is generated.

5. Discharge carbon black. When the conversion process of waste plastic to fuel machine is finished, the residual substances are mainly carbon black. When the temperature of the reactor drops to a certain temperature, we can discharge black carbon.

The conversion from waste plastic to fuel realizes the recovery and reuse of waste plastic, and the products such as plastic oil, carbon black and flammable gas are widely used in daily life.


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