The working process demo of waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

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This video introduces the instillation site of waste tire pyrolysis plant. The operation process of waste tire pyrolysis plant can be divided into the following steps.

1.Feeding: Send the tyres with the steel wire removed into the pyrolysis reactor and heat the reactor with fuel;

2.Heating: After the pyrolysis reactor is heated to a certain temperature, oil gas will be generated, then the oil gas goes through the three-step cooling system to be cooled down to oil and enters the oil tank.

3.Tail gas recycling: During the condensation process, part of the non-condensable gas can be recycled to heat the pyrolysis reactor after being treated by the tail gas cleaning and odor removal system;

4.Smoke treating: The smoke generated by fuel burning can be discharged after being treated by the smoke cleaning system;

5.Carbon black collecting: After the pyrolysis reaction, the carbon black in the pyrolysis reactor can be collected by the screw conveyor;

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