Tyre pyrolysis oil market price from waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

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Tire pyrolysis oil as a fuel oil, the market price generally in Americas is from 342 to 404 $/mt, in EMEA is from 326 to 349 $/mt, in Asia is from 355 to 379 $/mt.

The pyrolysis oil is obtained by pyrolysis of waste tyres under normal pressure. After the process of heating and pyrolysis, the organic macromolecule chain in the waste tyre was cut off and reduced to low molecular hydrocarbon - tire pyrolysis oil.

convert waste tyre into oil Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant installed

This kind of tyre pyrolysis oil has a wide range of USES as fuel oil in daily life. It can be used in boiler heating, steel mills, cement plants, heavy oil generators and other places. Furthermore, the tyre pyrolysis oil can be refined by the tyre pyrolysis oil to diesel machine, and the diesel oil obtained can be used in diesel engines, heavy machinery, diesel generators or as light fuel.

Affected by fluctuations in the price of oil, many investors are bullish on the tyre pyrolysis oil, is not only based on the above tyre pyrolysis oil widely used, more is very bullish on the development prospect of the waste tyres pyrolysis project, because the waste tyre pyrolysis project not only can convert waste tyres into fuel oil, but also solves the problem of "black pollution" caused by waste tyres.

tyre recycling pyrolysis plantThe end product of waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant

The waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant developed and produced by DOING company is able to convert waste tyres into fuel oil. Waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant USES pyrolysis technology to process waste tyres to obtain pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire, and has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, simple operation and high oil yield.

Recycling waste tyres by using waste tyre recycling pyrolysis plant not only realizes the recycling of resources, but also increases the economic benefits. It is in line with the energy conservation and environmental protection policies advocated by the state and the government, and contributes to environmental protection around the world.


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