Proper ways for waste oil disposal and recycling

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If not properly disposed of, waste oil may cause numerous negative implications on the environment. And here we list several ways to dispose of waste oil properly and safely, from which you can obtain great benefits.

1. Storing the waste oil properly for collection and recycling

For users who have a relatively small quantity of waste oil, this way is the best way to dispose of waste oil for you. You can store the waste oil and sell them centrally to the waste oil dealers and relative waste oil recycling companies, even some auto repair companies.

The process of proper oil disposal starts with storing the waste oil properly and in the right container. The safest way is to use the original containers that came with the oil during transportation. The storage container should also be tightly closed to avoid leakages that can be harmful to the environment.

waste oilWaste oil

2. Use waste oil disposal recycling machine to convert waste oil into diesel fuel

For users who can collect a lot of waste oil or waste oil recycling dealers, the recommended waste oil disposal way is to use waste oil recycling machines to refine and reuse waste oil, so that you can get more benefits.

waste oil distillation plantDOING company waste oil distillation plant

The recommended waste oil recycling machine is DOING waste oil distillation plant. Our waste oil distillation plant can treat many kinds of waste/crude oil, like tire plastic pyrolysis oil, waste engine oil, used motor oil, old lube oil, etc. And the final product is diesel and asphalt. The diesel yield is as high as 85%. There is a great profit margin in waste oil distillation plants.

Believe that you have a good understanding of how to dispose of waste oil properly right now. And if you have requirements or interests to learn about the high quality and good price of waste oil distillation plant, please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company and our sales manager will share the relative quotations, pictures and relative project cases with you.

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