What machine can properly recycle waste oil sludge in Nigeria?

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Nigeria is also Africa's largest oil exporter and producer and is rich in fuel resources. In the process of oil extraction, many waste sludge resources that are difficult to degrade are also produced. Recycling oil sludge in Nigeria can be a challenging task, but there are machines available that can offer good solutions. One option is to use a thermal desorption unit (TDU), which uses the thermal pyrolysis principle to separate the oil, water, and soil in the waste oil sludge.

oil sludge thermal desorption unitOil sludge thermal desorption unit picture

As a professional manufacturer of waste management and recycling equipment, Henan Doing Company can provide an effective thermal desorption unit for recycling oil sludge in Nigeria.

DOING oil sludge thermal desorption unit adopts advanced pyrolysis technology, which can convert the waste oil sludge into four end products: pyrolysis oil, solid soil residue, and syn-gas. Pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel for industrial boilers and generators. The solid residue can be used as backfill soil according to local requirements. The syn-gas can be recycled to provide heat for the pyrolysis reactor, saving energy and reducing operating costs.

The oil sludge thermal desorption unit has several features that make it suitable for oil sludge recycling in Nigeria. Firstly, it has a high processing capacity, allowing large amounts of oil sludge to be processed daily. We supply the thermal desorption unit with the daily capacities of 1-50Tons. And we can also customers multiple lines of waste oil sludge thermal desorption unit solutions based on your situation.

Oil sludge thermal desorption unitOil sludge thermal desorption unit project installed by DOING Company

Secondly, it is designed for safe and efficient operation. From the pyrolysis technology, thermal desorption unit manufacturing material selection, anti-stick wall device settings, we Henan Doing Company has kept innovative attitude to keep updating, making the machine more and more convenient for our customers to handle.

Thirdly, it has a unique sealing design to prevent air pollution and odor emissions. The reactor furnace of oil sludge thermal desorption unit is tightly sealed during operation. And we have a relatively exhausted gas purification system to make the gas emissions meet the standards of Nigeria. The whole waste oil sludge thermal desorption process is environmentally friendly.

oil sludge thermal desorption unit Oil sludge thermal desorption unit advantages

It's important to note that proper recycling of waste oil sludge in Nigeria requires careful handling and disposal of hazardous waste. Any machine used should be designed to meet safety and environmental standards and operated by skilled professionals.

It's recommended to consult with a qualified machine provider, Henan Doing Company, to determine the best oil sludge thermal desorption unit solution for your particular situation.

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