Can you get money for recycling used car tires?

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Cars need to change their tires every 60,000 kilometers. Can used car tires be recycled? Can you get money for recycling used car tires? The answer is yes, you can get money for recycling used car tires.

Car tires are made of mixed rubber, steel wire, carbon black and other raw materials. The mixed rubber is refined from petroleum extracts, so used car tires can go through a series of reactions to be converted back into raw materials for reuse.

recycling used tiresPiles of used car tires

DOING company’s waste tire pyrolysis plant can convert the used car tires into fuel oil. In the high temperature and lack of oxygen environment, used car tires will be pyrolyzed to produce pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire. Pyrolysis oil can replace coal and natural gas as industrial fuel. Carbon black can be pressed into combustion ball; Steel wire can be recycled as waste. The exhaust gas produced in the process of the waste tire pyrolysis can enter the reactor through the circulation system as fuel to heat the reactor. The cooling system adopts tubular circulating water cooling equipment. In the cooling process, water and oil gas do not contact directly, so the water will not be polluted and can be recycled.

waste tire pyrolysis plantWaste tire pyrolysis plant installed

Moreover, the process of DOING’s waste tire pyrolysis plant is safe and environmentally friendly.

You can get money for recycling used car tires by waste tire pyrolysis plant.

The following is a simple profit analysis of the waste tire pyrolysis plant (taking the 12T machine as an example) :

Profit analysisReference to process 12T/D waste tire pyrolysis plant
Running cost / Day
Waste tires 12T*73USD/T=876USD
Heating fuel (Just choose one from the options) 1)Coal: 0.4T¥*58USD/T=23USD

2)Fuel oil: 0.4T*364USD/T=146USD


4)Natural gas: 150M3*0.33USD/M3=4.9USD

Power consumption 15Kw/h
Water consumption Water is for circulating use, no consumption
Required workers 3 workers per shift * 22USD =65USD
Income / Day
Fuel oil 4.5T*364USD/T=1637USD
Carbon black 1)selling directly,3T*73USD/T=218USD 2)grinding, 3T*291USD/T=873USD
Steel wire 1.5T*116USD/T=175USD
Daily profit Use fuel oil for heating and sell carbon black directly 1302USD/Day


It can be seen from the above profit analysis that you can get money for recycling used car tires by waste tire pyrolysis plant.

Waste tire pyrolysis plant is a promising project in terms of philosophy and technology, which fully realizes people's desire to get money from used car tires and not pollute the environment.


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