Colombian customers ordered oil sludge thermal desorption units from DOING Company

Company News / Chat online / Give me a price / 2024-05-13

On May 8, 2024, Henan Doing Company receives the re-order from our regular customers in Colombia to reach a cooperation on 6 semi-continuous oil sludge thermal desorption units.

This is a cooperation based on high trust and excellent results only half a year after the customer successfully deployed and operated 4 sets of DOING oil sludge thermal desorption units. DOING's oil sludge pyrolysis technology has demonstrated extraordinary performance and stability in the projects of Colombian customers. Here is the running video of oil sludge thermal desorption units installed in Colombia:

Since these 4 sets of thermal desorption units were put into production, they have not only efficiently converted oil sludge into valuable resources, but also achieved a perfect balance between environmental protection and economic benefits. The smooth operation of the project has won the unanimous praise and deep trust of customers for DOING equipment, laying a solid foundation for its business expansion. This expansion decision is precisely the customer's high recognition of DOING's brand strength and technical advantages. The newly added 6 sets of oil sludge thermal desorption units will further enhance its processing capacity, accelerate the recycling of resources and reduce carbon footprint, and mark the deepening of cooperation between the two parties and the expansion of a win-win situation.

oil sludge thermal desorption unitWaste oil sludge thermal desorption unit

DOING will continue to uphold the concept of innovation-led and quality-oriented, provide more efficient and environmentally friendly waste oil sludge/tire/plastic/solid waste thermal desorption unit solutions for global customers, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the energy industry.

If you are looking for the proper and profitable treatment of waste oil sludge or others solid waste, please feel free to initiate consultation at any time. DOING's engineers and sales teams are dedicated to make a tailored solution of thermal desorption unit to help you carry out your project smoothly.

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