Doing Company's oil sludge recycling pyrolysis machine receives patent certificate

Company News / Chat online / Give me a price / 2023-12-28

Henan Doing Company, a leading manufacturer of pyrolysis machines in China, is pleased to announce that DOING oil sludge recycling pyrolysis machine has been granted a utility model patent certificate in December 2023.

Oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plantWaste oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plant

This innovative oil sludge recycling pyrolysis machine, developed by DOING company's technical team, can properly and environmentally friendly separate and recover the fuel oil from waste oil sludge.

We all know that oil sludge is a hazardous waste generated from oil drilling, refining, and storage activities. It contains a high concentration of hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and other harmful substances, posing a significant threat to the environment and human health if not treated properly.

DOING oil sludge recycling pyrolysis machine adopts a thermal pyrolysis process to convert the oil sludge into valuable products such as fuel oil, combustible gas, while also reducing the volume and harmfulness of the waste. The team has carefully selected materials and designed the equipment to ensure better performance, stable operation, and easy maintenance. At the same tile, it addresses the issue of sticky walls that can occur during the oil sludge treatment and pyrolysis process.

oil sludge recycling pyrolysis plantOil sludge recycling pyrolysis plant

With this new patent, Henan Doing Company is proud to offer a more efficient and advanced solution to the oil sludge treatment industry.

We are thrilled to receive this patent certificate, which recognizes our dedication to innovation and excellence. DOING oil sludge recycling pyrolysis machine has been well received by our customers since its launch, and we believe it will continue to help our clients achieve sustainable development goals while protecting the environment.

Henan Doing Company is committed to providing high-quality and reliable pyrolysis machines and services to customers worldwide. If you have related requirements and get more professional information about our pyrolysis machines, just feel free to contact us.

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