To provide better waste tyre to oil plant, DOING factory renovation

Company News / Chat online / Give me a price / Oct 07, 2019

Since late May 2019, the DOING factory has been optimizing its workflow to improve the efficiency of its waste tyre to oil plant manufacturing.

Now every working process of DOING factory can be standardized, including equipment procurement, production, quality control, delivery, on-site installation and so on. The entire production organization system is more flexible, and is strictly in accordance with the production process standards to manufacture waste tyre to oil plant. We are also in the research and continuous improvement of equipment production process.

waste tyre to oil plantThe new appearance of DOING factory

In order to improve the better quality of waste tyre to oil plant, the factory's hardware facilities are also gradually optimized and upgraded, and the factory's working environment is clean, comfortable and tidy.

The new appearance of DOING factory welcomes you to visit and investigate.


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