Disposal waste plastic solutions-plastic to oil machine

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Machine that disposal waste plastic back into oil for Henan doing is a part of the Doing Group of Companies which designs and develops plastic to oil machine.

The Machine that turns plastic back into oil uses a continuous liquid faction technology that indirectly heats the plastic waste and a unique catalytic reaction to generate hydrocarbon gases which are then cooled and condensed to produce ASTM spec diesel as well as a proprietary blend of heating fuel. These oils not only exceed regulatory standards, but can be used in any diesel engines, trucks, buses, trains, boats, heavy equipment and generators with no engine modification. Machine that turns plastic back into oil can produce approximately 950 liters of high grade diesel fuel from each tone of waste plastic. Different polymers can be processed together in the same reactor without any sorting and typical contaminants such as grit, paper, metal, food residue and oils do not need to be removed before treatment. The advanced system has the capability to take high loads of PVC and PET along with the ideal polyolefin plastics without damaging the reactor or producing unacceptably high emissions.

disposal waste plastic
Plastic to oil machine to disposal waste plastic

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