How pyrolysis and gasification work?

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Pyrolysis and gasification-how they work:
Like incineration,pyrolysis,gasification and plasm a technologies are thermal processes that use high temperatures to break down waste. The main difference is that they use less oxygen than traditional mass-burn incineration.

These technologies are sometimes are known as advanced thermal technologies or alternative conversion technologies.They typically rely on carbon-based waste such as paper, petroleum-based wastes like plastics,and organic materials such as food scraps. Pyrolysis offers a flexible and attractive way of converting solid biomass into an easily stored and transportable fuel,which can be successfully used for the production of heat,power and chemicals.
In pyrolysis, biomass,here used tires or plastic is subjected to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen resulting in the production of pyrolysis oil (or bio-oil) ,char or syngas which can then be used to generate electricity. The process transforms the biomass into high quality fuel without creating ash or energy directly.

Pyrolysis oil can offer major advantages over solid existing power station when special start-up procedures are not necessary.

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