How does the fractional distillation of crude oil work?

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crude oil distillation work
Fractional distillation of crude oil machine

Crude oil fractionation is mainly the use of high-temperature distillation and condensation chemistry. The process of separating the moisture and other impurities from the sand inside the fuel to obtain clean and transparent non-standard diesel.

How does the fractional distillation of crude oil work?

distillation machine working process
Fractional distillation of crude oil working process

1. Heat the reactor and pour crude oil. Steam out of oil and gas, impurities in the crude oil will be distilled out.
2. Distilled oil and gas enter the condensing system and is then liquefied into light oil and falls into the tank.
3. After the deodorizing and deodorizing treatment of the obtained light oil, the final result is a clean, transparent, odorless and tasteless diesel fuel.
4. Finally remove the bitumen produced during the distillation.

distillation of crude oil products
Fractional distillation of crude oil final products

After this fractional distillation of crude oil working process, the yield of diesel is 80-85%, and the yield of asphalt is 15-20%. The diesel can be used instead of standard diesel in diesel burners, generators and heavy machinery and agricultural machinery. The refinery can also be used for recycling waste oil. After distillation, the residual material in the furnace is heavy oil impurity, which is very similar to the performance of asphalt, and can be directly used for paving or selling to the asphalt plant for refining.

In addition, the DoingGroup's 
fractional distillation of crude oil equipment also has two alternative systems:

Rapid heating system:
The rapid heating system of the refining equipment uses the circulating medium to heat the fuel at the same time. On the one hand, it can save fuel, and on the other hand, it can speed up the distillation speed.

Diesel purification system:
The diesel refined from the standard refining system is brownish yellow. If you want to get better color diesel, we can also provide a deep purification system, and finally you can get pale yellow diesel products.

The two alternative systems, on the one hand, ensure that the crude oil can be fully distilled out of oil and gas, and on the other, it can ensure that the distillate oil gas liquefied into light oil is filtered. If you have the intention of investing in 
fractional distillation of crude oil equipment, please contact DoingGroup. We will provide you with the most professional equipment and equipment to guide the installation!

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