How to avoid waste plastic oil refining plant explosion?

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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd engaged in oil refining plant manufacturing and installation for many years around the world and have successfully installed thousands of waste tires and waste plastic oil refining plant.

Fundamentally speaking, the security risks of waste plastic oil refining plant lies mainly in the chemical composition of non- liquefied C1 and C4 alkane molecules, if such a direct gas combustion , there must be some risk, my company's products using advanced technology, in before such gases of combustion , the first device via the first safety seal , then through the second channel the gas nozzle safety devices, double insurance , so that safety is maximized. Furthermore, our device is equipped with a pressure gauge , alarm thermometers and other devices and equipment , when the furnace pressure exceeds a certain range , it will automatically reducing pressure , automatic alarm , thus ensuring zero explosion, the safety performance of zero accidents.

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