How much fuel oil can be obtained from 1T of plastics?

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When customers buy waste plastic pyrolysis plant, they will ask: What is the oil yield of waste plastic pyrolysis plant? How much pyrolysis oil can be extracted from 1T waste plastic? The oil yield refers to how much pyrolysis oil can be extracted from 1T plastic. The oil yield of different plastics is different. Generally speaking, 1T plastic can get about 600KG of pyrolysis oil.

The oil yield of waste plastics mainly depends on two aspects, one is the type of material, and the other is the equipment. Next, let's analyze it in detail.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantWaste plastic pyrolysis plant

1.Types of plastics

General plastics can be used for pyrolysis, and different plastics have different oil yields. The following is a reference for the oil yield of different plastics: the oil yield of pure PE plastic can reach about 95%, the oil yield of pure PP/PS plastic is about 90%, the oil yield of pure ABS plastic is 40%, and the oil yield of pure white plastic cloth plastic can reach 70%, and the oil yield of household plastic waste is 30-50%.

In addition, the water content of the plastic will also affect the oil yield. The higher the water content of the plastic, the longer the pyrolysis time and the lower the oil yield. Therefore, if the water content of the plastic is too high, the customer can first dry the plastic and then pyrolysis it.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantPlastic oil yield

2. Cooling system of waste plastic pyrolysis plant.

The cooling system of waste plastic pyrolysis plant can condense the oil gas produced by pyrolysis reaction into oil. Therefore, the quality of the cooling system directly affects the oil yield of the plastic. At present, there are two types of condensers on the market, one is the water tank condenser and the other is the tube cooling system.

The water tank condenser is a water tank filled with water with some coils inside. The heat exchange area of the water tank condenser is relatively small, the cooling water is not circulated in time, and the water temperature is high. Therefore, the cooling effect is relatively poor and the oil output rate is relatively low.

Doing Group waste plastic pyrolysis plant adopts professional tube cooling system. The three-step cooling system includes two vertical condensers, two horizontal condensers and two cooling towers. The three-step cooling system has a large heat exchange area and a large oil gas contact area. The cooling area is 1.5 times that of the oil gas, which can fully cool the oil gas and have a high oil yield.

waste plastic pyrolysis plantCooling system

Above all, how much pyrolysis oil can be extraced from 1T plastics mainly depends on the type and purity of plastics, as well as the quality of the waste plastic pyrolsis plant and the operating specifications of the staff during the operation process. Doing Group provides two types of waste plastic pyrolysis plant: batch waste plastic pyrolysis plant and continuous waste plastic pyrolysis plant, the daily capacity is between 3 tons and 60 tons. If you want to know more information about waste plastic pyrolysis plant, welcome to contact us feel free.

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