What products can be made from recycled tires?

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The disposal of waste tires is one of the serious problems people are facing nowadays. In recent years, it has become a main way to recycle waste tires by using waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant. Pyrolysis oil, carbon black and steel wire can be made from the recycled waste tire by using the waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant.

tire recycling plantProducts from recycled tires

A few years ago, all the waste tires were thrown away as rubbish, which greatly polluted our living environment. At this time a new equipment quietly born, this is –waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant.

Based on the latest pyrolysis technology, DOING company has developed the waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant, which can made pyrolysis oil, carbon black, steel wire from recycled tires.

tire recycling pyrolysis plantWaste tire recycling pyrolysis plant installed

Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant can recycle waste tires in batches and will not produce secondary pollution to the environment. This method of dispose waste tires not only recycles the tire resources, but also plays an important role in optimizing the environment.

The products from recycled tires have a wide range of applications in life. Pyrolysis oil can be used as fuel, and is commonly used in heavy machinery, ships or agricultural machinery. Black carbon can be pressed into a fuel ball or ground into a fine powder that can be used to make new tires, rubber soles, or paint. The steel wire is separated from the tire without major changes and can be recycled as waste or recycled to the steel factory for re-melting.

waste tire recycling pyrolysis plantThe use of pyrolysis oil

Using waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant to recycle waste tire is not only energy saving, but also avoid the problem of black pollution caused by waste tire.

The products made from recycled tires can also create certain economic benefits for customers. Waste tire recycling pyrolysis plant have become more and more popular in the tire recycling industry.


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