End-of-life Tires Derived Fuel For Industrial Plants Solutions

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End-of-life tires derived as an alternative fuel for industrial plants including cement plants, boiler plants, brick plants, ceramic plants, power plants, ships, etc has become more and more popular in solid waste recycling field. More and more customers are choosing tire derived fuel for their plants, which is a profitable business that everyone can start.

What is Tire Derived Fuel?

Tire derived fuel (TDF) is composed of shredded scrap tires, which can be converted into pyrolysis oil by pyrolysis technology. The generated pyrolysis oil can be further used as fuel for many industrial plants, including cement plants, boiler plants, brick plants, ceramic plants, power plants, etc.

DOING Company's Fuel Alternative Solution for Cement Plants/Boiler Plants/Brick Plants/Ceramic Plants/Power Plants/Ships

Henan DOING Company uses thermal cracking/pyrolysis to destroy the chemical bonds of waste tires and waste plastics in an oxygen-free or oxygen-deficient environment to obtain low-molecular-weight organic compounds, including pyrolysis oil, pyrolysis gas and pyrolysis carbon black, so as to realize the recycling and reduction of waste. The materials can be all kinds of waste tires, waste rubber, waste plastics, sludge and so on.

pyrolysis plantDOING factory waste plastics/rubber/tyres pyrolysis plant

The final pyrolysis oil has high calorific value, and the price is much lower than that of diesel oil. It can be widely used as fuel in large-scale industries such as tile factories, steel factories, glass factories, power plants, and ships. The combustible gas can be used for self-heating of the equipment, saving a lot of fuel for the pyrolysis process. The production process of pyrolysis is simple and mature, and because the pyrolysis oil is produced in an oxygen-free environment in a closed container, it is very environmentally friendly.

Trend Analysis of Tires Derived As Fuel For Industrial Plants

As the world’s non-renewable energy sources such as petroleum, natural gas, and coal face the danger of exhaustion, people urgently need to seek alternative energy sources. As an alternative fuel, pyrolysis oil generated from end of life tires came into being. At the same time, a large amount of waste tires and waste plastics are produced in the world every year. If they cannot be effectively used, they will cause serious pollution to the environment. The pyrolysis industry makes good use of waste resources and reduces environmental pollution. And the main processing direction for waste tires and waste plastics in the future.

tyresWaste tyres materials

Benefits of Using End-of-life Tires as Derived Fuel

After processed by pyrolysis plants, the shredded waste tires can be converted into fuel oil and other end products. The pyrolysis oil has high calorific value, which is a good alternative fuel in industry plants. Here are the benefits of using end-of-life tires as derived fuel.

Save costs: using TDF fuels provides significant fuel cost savings. The generated fuel oil is 25% more efficient than traditional coal.  

pyrolysis oilThe applications of pyrolysis oil

Environmental friendly: turning waste tires into fuel oil is a mature technology and has been proven to be environmental friendly, and it will not generate any pollutant.

Profitable: using waste tires as alternative fuel for industrial plants is a process of turning waste into money. The pyrolysis oil can be directly used for your factory to save fuel cost or can be sold directly to earn money.

Social benefit: the solution of using end-of-life tyres as derived fuel can not only solve the problem of waste pollution, but also can create job opportunities for the local labors.

If you want to buy pyrolysis plant to produce the tires derived as fuel for industrial uses, please feel free to contact Henan Doing Company for customizing suitable scale waste tire pyrolysis plant!


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