What is pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis technology?

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DOING pyrolysis plant used the principle of pyrolysis / high temperature pyrolysis technology

Pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis technology is an emerging waste treatment technology developed in recent years. In the early 1990s, foreign scientists discovered that dioxin was produced in the process of waste incineration, which is extremely harmful to human body. Therefore, Western developed countries have invested heavily in the development of new waste treatment technologies while studying the secondary pollution caused by incineration. The pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis technology is generally favored by environmental experts in various countries, and it is considered to be a new way for waste disposal, reduction and resource utilization. Developed countries have invested a lot of manpower and resources to research and develop high-temperature pyrolysis/high-temperature pyrolysis technology, and have achieved gratifying results.

1. Principle of pyrolysis / high temperature pyrolysis technology

pyrolysis plant working process
Pyrolysis / high temperature pyrolysis working process

Pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis and incineration are two distinct processes. Incineration is an exothermic process, and pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis technology requires a large amount of heat to be absorbed. The main products of incineration are carbon dioxide and water. The pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis technology utilizes the thermal instability of organic matter in the waste. It is heated and distilled under anaerobic or anoxic conditions to cause cracking of organic matter and formation after condensation. A variety of new gases, liquids and solids from which fuel oil and flammable gases are extracted. In summary, the essence of pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis technology is the process of heating organic molecules to crack them into small molecules, which contains many complicated physical and chemical processes.

2. Pyrolysis / high temperature pyrolysis technology

Pyrolysis / high temperature pyrolysis technology process due to different heating methods, product morphology, pyrolysis furnace structure, etc., the pyrolysis method is also different, according to the pyrolysis temperature, 1000oC or more is called pyrolysis / high temperature pyrolysis, 600 -700oC is called medium temperature pyrolysis, and below 600oC is called low temperature pyrolysis. The pyrolysis method is divided into direct heating method and indirect heating method according to heating.

3. Main features of high temperature pyrolysis/high temperature pyrolysis technology

DOING 3D pyrolysis plant
DOING 3D pyrolysis plant used pyrolysis / high temperature pyrolysis technology

(1) Combining the direct heating method with the indirect heating method.
(2) A mixed gas reaction device is provided to allow the gas to react sufficiently.
(3) The use of an excellent dust removal system solves the problem of smoke emission during garbage pyrolysis.

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