What are the characteristics and applications of pyrolysis oil?

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Maybe a lot of investors don't know about pyrolysis oil. Now, in order to make investors better known the features and application of pyrolysis oil, this article will introduce the pyrolysis oil in detail.

pyrolysis plantPyrolysis oil obtained from pyrolysis plant

Characteristics of pyrolysis oil

Pyrolysis oil is the main product of pyrolysis plant. It can be extracted from waste tyres, waste plastics, waste rubbers by pyrolysis plant. In general, pyrolysis oil is a kind of heavy oil or crude oil. According to the SGS report, under the condition of 15 ℃, the density of the pyrolysis oil is 0.8205 g/cm3, the gross calorific value is 44.32 MJ/kg.

pyrolysis oil plantSGS of pyrolysis oil

Applications of pyrolysis oil

Because of its high calorific value, so it can be widely used as industrial fuel to substitute furnace oil or industrial diesel.

1. Direct combustion

By direct combustion in a boiler or furnace, pyrolysis oil can be used to produce heat, such as in steel factory, cement factory, brick factoryand glass factory, etc. We once got to know from customers’ feedback that one normal factory can consume 20-30T fuel oil in one day. Most of our customers sold their pyrolysis oil to steel factories. In some places like Egypt, they have many cement factories. So the pyrolysis oil is usually used in cement factory. This is the most simple and straight forward application combustion of pyrolysis oil in heavy industry.

pyrolysis oil applicationDirect combustion of pyrolysis oil

2. Can be refined into diesel oil

In addition to direct combustion, pyrolysis oil can be used as a feedstock for refining diesel fuel. It can be refined into diesel by distillation machine. Once the pyrolysis oil was refined into diesel by pyrolysis oil distillation machine, the obtained diesel cann be used in some machinery, such as truck, tractor, ship, diesel power generation and so on.

pyrolysis plantThe refined diesel oil applications

To sum up, the pyrolysis oil has a high use value, especially in areas where oil resources are scarce. Knowing the characteristics and applications of pyrolysis oil will give you more confidence for pyrolysis project.

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